Fashion Tech Hackathon

Hackathons are the new way to push the boundaries of what you know and learn what you don't. They provide an environment to learn, explore, and engage to complete a project with a set amount of time. Students spend 36 hours building a project of their choice, such an app or a garment, while getting support from mentors and sponsors. Participants meet companies looking to hire while getting their hands on the latest tech. Students are given the opportunity to solve problems they see in the world by utilizing fashion and technology.


A partnership of the TechSytleLAB and LaunchNET at Kent State University, the Fashion/Tech Hackathon gathers students from many majors and curriculums from across the nation, and brings them together with mentors and sponsor companies over a 36 - hour period, to unlock creativity and apply breakthrough ideas that result in innovative concepts and products.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a weekend long event where students from all majors can develop a project (like an app or website) with the best resources and mentors to learn.

Who can attend?

University students. Both undergraduate and graduate students may participate. Others who wish to be involved may come and mentor. Minors are encouraged to attend, but they must email kent state university ( for a waiver to sign before the event.

How much does this cost?

Nothing! The Fashion / Tech Hackathon is free for all to attend. Kent State University will provide your meals and swag for the weekend, and in some cases it will even provide travel reimbursement based on miles traveled to the venue. For more information, please check out their Reimbursement Policy.

What are the prizes?

This year, it'll be handling prizes differently. Prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony in the amount of $4100. Instead of first, second, and third, it'll have three category prizes: Best Concept that Addresses User/Customer Experience, Most Visually/Aesthetically Compelling, and Best Implementation/Creation of Wearable Tech to Solve a Problem/Need. There will also be four mentorship awards for projects with Most Market / Venture Potential.

What if I know nothing about tech?

You should still come! Hackathons are designed for you to learn, plus, kent state university event celebrates makers of all kinds, including designers, merchandisers, sewers, and more.

What are the rules?

Teams can consist of 1-4 students, and the entire project must be built at the event. You may use publicly available libraries, but besides that no lines of code should be written, and no seams should be sewn before the event.

How do I get there?

Check out the kent state universe Travel Guide for information on how to get to here.

Fashion School,
Rockwell Hall,
515 Hilltop Drive,
Kent, Ohio 44242

Hackers must also adhere to the Fashion Tech Hackathon Code of Conduct

Will there be a place to sleep at the event?

Kent State Universe will have a classroom set up as a sleeping room throughout the weekend. You might want to bring a pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag to be more comfortable.